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C. C. Couch —Composer, vocalist
Songwriter, composer, guitarist, professional singer, formerly with Epic Records She has toured in France, opening for acts such as Yannick Noah and Carl Perkins.

Sue Fenton, M. Ed.—Author and lyricist
Songwriter, author, humorist, teacher, former puppetteer and clown, creativity specialist. Author of The Wit of Madame Fifi - 500 Puns with a French Twist. Her students have placed first in the state on the National French Exam, 11 have ranked in the top 7 in the nation, and usually place in junior year advanced French as college freshmen.

Teddy Irwin—Arranger, producer, musician
Emmy award-winning composer and arranger for TV and film As a guitarist he has recorded with over 30 performers including Neil Young, Jimmy Buffet, Randy Travis, and John Lennon, and he toured extensively with Bette Midler and Petula Clark. He was a member of the original cast of the Broadway production of Hair.

About the Artist
Diana Bryan is an internationally published children's video animator, children's book illustrator, and a member of the faculty of Parson's School of Design in New York

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