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You love to listen to music.
You'd like to learn French, too. . . . Try:

Oh La La! Sing Your Way to French


Not just albums of songs, but a unique multi-dimensional cultural approach to learning French. (Read "What They're Saying About Oh Là Là!")

A wonderful series that PARENTS can even play for their children around the house to expose them to French and teach them key French words, phrases, and sentences.

The albums provide great listening as well as teach French. Learn or review French Listen as you work around the house or garden, in the car, or anywhere. The music, produced by an Emmy-award winning producer of T.V. and film is lush and contagious with a variety of grooves and styles.

Learn French through music and cultural simulations. It can be used to teach French to middle school students and adults.

Oh Là Là is not just a series of CD's of songs to learn French. It is a unique program for totally immersing you in the French language with over 300 links on-line so you can see and experience the culture mentioned in the songs as you listen or sing.

The Oh Là Là Teacher's Manuals are an amazing source of more than 1000 communicative activities, projects, theatrical productions, kudos, and cultural simulations based on the songs and related culture to keep your class immersed, motivated, animated, and speaking French. The manuals are also an terrific source of creative ideas and strategies you can apply to your other lessons, too. (See Manuals.)

Irresistible songs with catchy melodies for adolescents to college students to adults
PACKED with French vocabulary, idioms and sentence patterns to model
The songs are rich in material, do not spoon feed, and can be used to teach French to middle school students up to adults.
Songs simulate authentic French experiences.
Produced by an Emmy award-winning composer for T.V. and film
The albums sound like a pop album and will have you groovin' to rap, rock, reggae, blues, techno and other musical styles long after the music has been turned off. Play while you jog, hang out at home, do chores.
Each album has approximately 60 minutes of songs with occasional segments where you can take the lead to practice or improvise
The albums come in 2 formats:
1. A small booklet with the lyrics & translations (suitable for the general public)
2. A Teacher's Manual with the lyrics & translations on full-sized illustrated pages and the rights to copy them for the students

A synopses:

Because Oh Là Là is so rich in material and culture, the albums are versatile and can be used beyond level 1.

LEVEL 1, PART 1 (FOCUS: Structure & vocabulary through conversational French)


For Level 1 or Level 2 review

1. Me Voici 19 present tense Je forms; highlights vocab. & structures of a level 1 course

2. Me Voici (instrumental) Students can use this to produce their own music videos.

3. Avoir present tense; pas de; definites un and une with nouns; asking about possessions

4. Tu et vous familiar and formal (T-shirt vs tuxedo;) 30 people addressed with tu and vous

5. Conjuguez present of ER, IR, & RE verbs; instrumental segments to practice ANY tense

6. La Cour de Louis XIV the verb être; c’est vs il est; quel/quelle + noun; taste of Versailles; get a red curly wig, and you can visit Louis XIV!

7. Qui a volé le jambon? making a French baguette sandwich; c’est + pronouns; intro to past tense. Make sandwiches in class!

8. Monsieur Curieux the interrogative words with lots of rejoinders

9.. Quoi faire? present of faire and about 30 faire idioms & expressions about weather, courses, sports, etc.; crêpes and crème brûlée

10. On y va! present of aller; city vocabulary; prepositions + places; aller + infinitive; Sénégal

11. Tout le monde s’amuse à Paris sightseeing vocabulary; emphasis pronouns

12. Le Soleil sourit à tous masculine. & feminine adjectives; types of adjectives; taste of Martinique; go to the beach

13. Le Blues du négatif negative expressions with present and past tenses; si; pas de

14. L’impératif all 3 commands for ER, RE, and IR verbs and 8 irregular verbs; many rejoinders

15. Moi, je fais ma valise rose all possessive adjectives; with masculine, feminine, and plural nouns (nouns starting with vowels, too)

16. Interviewer Napoléon really catchy formula for information questions; Napoleon facts. Information questions have never been easier to learn.

17. Savoir et connaître present forms; differences shown by sample sentences for each and every form


LEVEL 1, PART 2 (FOCUS: Vocabulary and culture through conversational French)


For Level 1 or Level 2 REVIEW, or Level 3 CULTURE UNITS

Imagine exploring around 200 sites to see all this culture as you listen/sing!

1. Mon Appartement Live in a Paris apartment building; vocabulary of the immeuble and rooms; ordinal numbers with floors

2. Mon Agenda appointments & errands around a French city; telling time; days; le matin, etc. Don’t forget to take your poodle to the vet.

3. Dans le métro Paris métro vocabulary; Trocadéro; c’est + professions vs il est + adjective

4. Au Café du coquelicot Sit at the terrasse of a French café and order from a large list of beverages; read Le Monde; maybe meet someone

5. En Ville extensive city vocabulary; what you do at which location; list of 25 French cities

6. Petites gouttes de couleur colors; artist supplies; watch an artist paint on the Solférino footbridge over the Seine; impressionist artists

7. Faisons les courses French supermarkets and vocabulary; around 50 food items

8. Défilé de mode women’s and men’s clothing; French designers; instrumental segment for your own fashion show

9. Ma Belle France Take a hot air balloon ride over France; learn many province names & characteristics; great intro to French geography

10. Oh Là Là over 50 hip and useful expressions

11. Coup de fil France Télécom and telephone vocabulary; segments to participate in a call & leave a message

12. La Francophonie a list of places where French is spoken; repeated many times faster and faster each time


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What They're Saying About Oh La La!


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