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Elementary Students Love OH LÀ LÀ  Too!

WRITTEN for MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL students, OH LÀ LÀ - Sing Your Way to French has become a HIT with ELEMENTARY STUDENTS & teachers, TOO!

“My 4th graders love these songs, even though they are for high school students. They can sing the chorus on some (Mon Appartement  is a favorite) and (for) some (songs) they can master the entire song. The students like the songs because they aren’t “baby” songs and they make them feel more mature. It’s the music they like the best.”

Jenni Rigot, French FLES teacher, Prince William County, VA

“One only has to see the excitement and enthusiasm show by my students to know that the “Oh Là Là” CD is a hit in my classes. This is the first year that I have used the (Oh Là Là) Sing Your Way to French  series with my 3rd to 6th graders. It is just what I have needed to energize my older students. The songs have livened up my classes and my students are begging to hear the CD every class. They are so “rapped” up singing and swaying and dancing to the music that they don’t realize they are learning. The beat goes on. Merci bien!

Janet Covino-Doxey, French Specialist, World Elementary, NH

Why Oh Là Là  appeals to the younger set:

  • The music and productions are full and rich. The variety of lively to mellow melodies is appealing.
  • The songs are full of fun and the topics lend themselves to creating great visuals.
  • The songs lend themselves to super simulation activities about “living” in France.
  • Because the songs are richer in vocabulary than songs usually targeted at elementary students, the students find them to be “hip” and make them feel more grown up.
  • The beautiful voice of C.C. Couch is very friendly, animated and soothing. In an environment of a different language, it is important that young students “bond” with the singer. This is very easy to do with the voice of C.C. Couch as reported by teachers.
  • Younger students can definitely sing along enthusiastically to choruses, and then can learn verses, little by little, too.
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