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Oh La La French Cultural Links
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Me Voici (Here I Am)

Miam! Miam! Vive le chocolat!
Female French names
Male French names
Weekly Top 50 Hits in France
Click on Palmares, Disques
Another top hits chart
Listen to current hits in France.
Rappeur MC Solaar
See the newest Peugeot models.
French Citroëns
What is a Twingo?
Levis in France
Short history of jeans
Another history of jeans
French holidays
Links about French holidays
Evian, a French mineral water.
All about Perrier.
Check out a map of France. Locate Paris.
Some basic facts about France
Links to information about France
Air France
A sneak peak of Paris in photos.
Concorde supersonic jet photos
Visit a mall in Lyon.
Visit a mall in Strasbourg.
Visit the Forum des Halles in Paris, a huge underground mall.
Paris train stations
The SNCF, French National Railroad
Coca Cola in France

Avoir (To Have)

Hippopotamus, a chain of French steak restaurants
Haribo, a brand of children's candy that is very popular that comes in cool shapes.
Nestlé in France
For chocoholics.
Recipe for Chocolate Truffles
A French chocolatier
Chocolate on-line... in the shape of flowers!
Find out more about Grey Poupon.
History of Maille Dijon mustard
The accordion, the instrument that is SO French.
Listen to the lively and legendary musette accordion music.
Fill up your porte-monnaie with euros.
All about mushrooms
Varieties of cabbages.
Savez-vous plantez les choux?

Tu et vous (You, familiar, and you, formal)

Les tee-shirts
Visit a jeans Web site.
Les smokings
A tie store
Family vocabulary
A server at a French café
Breeds of pooches - French style.
A famous French boulanger
The job of the boulanger
A boulanger gives a lesson in making bread.
Site of French pompiers
Children's site on fire and firemen.
The site of the Gendarmerie Nationale
Short test on Tu and Vous

Conjuguez (Conjugate)

Tons of verb conjugations
Many links to verb activities.

La Cour de Louis XIV (The Court of Louis XIV)

Visit Versailles Palace.
A large fountain at Versailles.
The grounds of Versailles.
Neat site with about Versailles fountains with an interactive map and photos.
Map of the gardens and fountains.
The young Louis XIV
The classic portrait of Louis XIV by Hyacinthe Rigaud. Click on the 4 topics.
A short background of the life of Louis XIV
The favorite chocolate recipe of Louis XIV.
The Queen, Marie-Thèrèse as a child
The Queen as an adult.
Dancing at Versailles
A day with the King
Cool Facts about Versailles
Amazing stats about Versailles
Royal Dining
René Descartes, mathematician and philosopher who said,"Je pense, donc je suis."

Qui a volé le jambon? (Who stole the ham?)

About French bread
A recipe for French bread
Types of sandwiches
Pomme de Pain... a French chain of sandwich restaurants
French cheese
All about mustard
Dijon mustard
The city of Dijon
Official site of the city of Dijon

Monsieur Curieux (Mr. Curious)

Le Village: Shop for French products.
More about interrogative words
French last names
The days of the week.
Crème brûlée
A French weather site
The STADE DE FRANCE (where France won the World Cup)
All about the Montreal Canadiens
A Paris train station - the Gare Saint Lazare
Clocks and telling time.

Quoi Faire? (What to do? What can be done?)

The forms of FAIRE in many tenses.
Make crêpes
Visit crêpeman!
Appliances for crêpe stands
Picture of a crêpe maker. You can find them in many houseware stores.
Making creme brûlée
Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit
Site of the French Soccer Federation
Site of the League of Professional Soccer
School subjects
Expressions with FAIRE

On y va! (Let's go! Let's Get Going!)

Printemps department store
The Paris Opéra
Take a look at various styles of the béret.
Find out which movies are playing in Paris.
French restaurant Web site links
Search for a Paris restaurant
Photos of the Alps
More photos of the French Alps
A site about skiing in France
Windsurfing photos
The TGV high speed train
“Purchase” TGV tickets
The 2 Paris airports
French brands (products, fashion, etc.)
You'll find the latest CD's here at la FNAC.

Tout le monde s'amuse à Paris (Everyone Has Fun In Paris)

A map of Paris. Click on PARIS.
Map of monuments in Paris
Click on “Scenes from Paris”
Paris Tourist Bureau - Tons of sites!
A Paris site with lots of information and photos.
Send electronic post cards of Paris.
The Tour Eiffel. Cool site. Click on "Jouez" and repaint the tower!
Send post cards from the Eiffel Tower.
The Berthillon ice cream store on Ile Saint-Louis. Look at the dozens of delicious flavors.
Photos of the Champs-Elysées
The Champs-Elysées at night.
The Paris Métro turned 100 years old.
All about riding on the Métro - tickets, the lines, a map, etc.
Visit the Louvre. See famous works of art!
Views of the Louvre
See the dazzling Pyramide at the Louvre
The artists' square on Montmartre, the Place du Tertre
The white-domed Basilica of Sacré-Coeur on Montmartre
A view of the Jardin des Tuileries
A view of the Tuileries Gardens.
Take a bâteau-mouche ride on the Seine River.
A bateau-mouche.
Visit les Invalides, Napoleon's final resting place.
French pastries...miam miam!

Le Soleil sourit à tous(The Sun Smiles at Everyone)

Lie on a beach in Martinique.
Visit Martinique. Click on "photo gallery" for lots of photos.
Visit Martinique's Office du Tourisme.
La Martinique
Photos of Polynesia
A chart of endings for masculine and feminine adjectives.
French Polynesia

L'Impératif (The Imperative)

A French comic book site. Boule et Bill, Lucky Luke, and even Garfield and Snoopy.
More about commands

Le Blues du Negatif (The Negative Blues)

More about the negative
A history of the bicycle

Moi, je fais ma valise rose (I Pack My Pink Suitcase)

A mobylette
More photos of mobylettes.
Omelette recipes
French omelette ingredients
Info about the sport of windsurfing
About windsurfing
Photos of windsurfing

Interviewer Napoléon (To Interview Napoleon)

About interrogative words
The famous pose
Napoleon on horseback
Portraits of Napoleon
Portrait of Josephine Beauharnais
A virtual visit of Fontainebleau
More photos of Fontainebleau
All about the metric system and conversions.
Le Code Civil
A test about Napoleon

Savoir et connaître (To Know [facts and information] and To Know [people, experience, to do])

MC Solaar, official site
Site of MC Solaar...has lyrics to many of his songs
French cake recipes (Scroll down to DESSERTS. Then scroll down to GATEÂUX.)
Renoir's Photo
A Renoir painting: A Girl with a Watering Can
A Renoir painting: In the Meadow
A Renoir painting: Le Moulin de la Galette
A Renoir painting: On the Terrasse
A Renoir painting: Girls at the piano
The current population of Paris
A portrait of Louis XVI
History of the guillotine.
Locating the Rue de Rivoli.
The Quartier Latin
The tragedy of Louis XVI
Jacques Cousteau, oceanographer
The number of steps on the Eiffel Tower. Look at "Nombre de marches."
French writer of "The Three Musketeers," Alexandre Dumas, père

Links, Level 1 Part 1 Links, Level 1 Part 2 Links, General

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