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Oh La La French Cultural Links
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NOTE: Links will open new browser windows, so you'll always have this list available to you.

Mon appartement (My Apartment)

Look at the photos (and architecture) of buildings anywhere in Paris. (Click anywhere on the map to see street names and locations. Then make up a street number, and you'll see the facade of an apartment buidling at that address.)
Paris Apartments Services - Welcome
Another apartment rental agency.
New apartment buildings.
The Place des Vosges. The house (now a museum) where Victor Hugo once lived.
Pictures of Catherine de Médicis and Henri II.
Short bios of Catherine de Médicis, Henri II, Henri IV, and Victor Hugo. Click on their names.
Arrive at the door of your apartment building.
Type in the code number to enter.
Everything you need to know about painting and taking care of your apartment.
Cats in Paris.
Names for French cats.
Kinds of cats.
A French cat's Web site.
For the bathroom
Furnishing your apartment at Conforama
There's a little Citroen parked in the courtyard.
See Paris apartment building facades and interiors.  Some have views from windows.
Look out over the rooftops of Paris.
A panoramic view of Paris rooftops.  Put the cursor on photo and drag it to the left or right.   
A panoramic view of rooftops with....the Eiffel Tower!

Mon agenda (My Agenda)

A list of neighborhood markets in Paris
A market sign.
Go to a karate school. (Click on box; then click on the edges of the emblem, top left. Also start the music.)
Visit the dentist.
Select an agenda to keep organized. (Click on la gamme.)
Go to the cleaners.
Browse in la FNAC, a huge French bookstore chain with music and videos, too.
 Stop for a quick snack.
Visit Gibert Jeune bookstores in the Quartier Latin which specialize in academic books as well as mass media selections.
You have an appointment with a French hairdresser.
Check out the poodles.
Select a movie to see.
Consult a guide to find a restaurant where you'll have dinner.
Here's a free monthly calendar to print.
Monthly agendas for a French-Canadian school
Here are some agenda pages you may copy.

Dans le métro (In the Métro)

Everything you need to know about traveling on the RATP system. There's even the history of the métro.
All about the metro.
Get a single ticket or a monthly pass, the carte orange.
Check your Paris métro map. There are maps of the lines and connections below.
Find the best route between Trocadéro and where you want to go.
A wonderful tourist site with photos of many metro stations
More photos???????????????????
Photos of the Place du Trocadero, the Palais du Chaillot, and the Eiffel Tower.
Two views of the Palais de Chaillot and the Place du Trocadero beyond it.    (accent / on "e" in Trocadero.)
Description of the Palais de Chaillot
Palais de Chaillot et le Musée de Cinéma (Trocadéro)
Walk down into the métro entrance.
A favorite activity outside the Palais de Chaillot with the Eiffel Tower (see the reflection) looking on.
One of the entrances designed by Hector Guimard.

Au Café du coqulicot (At the Poppy Café)

A picture of a coquelicot.
Terrasse of Haagen-Dazs
Terrasse of La Brioche Doree  
Terrasse of Le Cafe Atelier
Terrasse of the Café de Flore
Terrasse of Les Deux Magots
Terrasse of Fouquets, Champs-Elysées
Pictures of some cold beverges sold in France.
Le coca
Pepsi Max
Kinds of tisanes.
Fruit syrups (added to water or carbonated beverages.) Click on produits then sirops and on the 4 different bottles to see the 30 flavors!)
I skim through Le Monde, a Paris newspaper.

En Ville (Downtown)

Visit a French baker. Note all the varieties of bread there are.
Photos of the Musée D'Orsay.
Check out all the baguettes.
Pain au chocolat and croissants
Visit a boulangerie-patisserie in Paris. 
A pastry shop.
Pastries!!! Click on the pastry and see a photo and a recipe!
See all the Paris train stations.
A florist shop.
Go to Galeries Lafayette.
Au Printemps
Go to La Samaritaine.
Go to the Post Office.
There are many gorgeous fountains in Paris.
Hear samples of French hits in the record department of FNAC.
Visit the Stade de France, site of the recent French World Cup win.
Go to the Odéon - Theatre de l'Europe
Here's the Comédie française where Moliere's plays are still performed.
Nice (1)
Nice (2)
Festival de Films à Cannes
Toulouse tourism. (2)
Tours (2)
More Paris
Marseille (1)
Marseille (2)
Le Havre
A map of France and its cities.
Regardez des photos de plusieurs villes.

Petites Gouttes de couleur (Little Drops of Color)

The Passerelle Solférino, a pedestrian bridge, was recently rebuilt. It is near the Musee D'Orsay and the Solferino métro station.
A store of artist supplies.
Here are the colors of the artist's palette.
The tours de Notre-Dame.
Panoramic views of Notre-Dame
Take a leisurely virtual cruise down the Seine.
Reflections of the Seine.
Auguste Renoir
A Vincent Van Gogh self-portrait
Van Gogh - huge site of information and paintings
Claude Monet's home in Giverny
Site of the Claude Monet Foundation (including Vernon, the nearby town.)

Faisons les courses (Let's Go Food Shopping)

Visit an on-line French supermarket. Type in an arrondissement like 75004 to get acces. Click on ALIMENTATION ( EPICERIE, FRUITS, etc.) to find pictures of many brands or food items or detergents, etc.
Visit Champion, a supermarket chain in Paris.  There is a store locator and there are maps. Check Les Promotions for this week's specials.
The shopping cart...le chariot.
Varieties of pasta.
Kellogg's in France
Tony le tigre
A huge list of cookies sold in France (LU, BN, Prince au chocolat, etc
Quiche recipes
See many interesting gourmet groceries and prices.
Visit G20, a supermarket chain in Paris.  FInd out more products sold in France and their prices.
See pictues of cakes and recipes for them
All the scrumptious flavors of Berthillon sorbet, the most famous of Paris.
Danone (of Dannon yogurts) is a French company that has many products.  Click on Marques et produits to see their crackers,cookies (LU) and other items.  Some LU cookies are availabel in the U.S.
Camembert, Normandy, the village of the famous cheese.
French cheese
Camembert; about the cheese.
A cash register company.

Defilé de mode (Fashion Show)

Find out the dates of the French fashion shows.
The Yves Saint Laurent site.
Women's clothing.
Practice clothing vocabulary.  Click on the picture and you'll see the word below.
Get connected to the chic world of French fashions.
Men's clothing.

Ma Belle France (My Beautiful France)

Une carte de la France
Time to fly away in your hot air balloon.
France by regions.
"Make plans" for hot air balloon ride in France.  See photos.
Air Pegasus. Cute site with info, music and fireworks.
Ballooning over Provence with a note about the French inventors of the hot air balloon. Click on programme to see a field of sunflowers.
A map of France with its provinces.
Provence (1)
Provence (2)
Picture of lavender.
About lavender.
The famous sachets of lavender.
See a typical field of sunflowers in Provence.
All about the sunflower.
Olive trees and olives.
A fortress.
Video cams of beaches all over France.
Photos of the Alps.
A ski resort in the Alps.
Links to more ski resorts in all French mountain ranges
Mont Blanc
Read about the the Loire Valley.
See photos of many ch­teaux of the Loire.
Brittany (La Bretagne)
Perros-Guirec, a Britanny town on "pink granite coast."
Ploumanach (on the pink granite coast)
Fishing boats in Saint Malo.
Normandy (la Normandie)
Sail boats in the intimate port of Honfleur.
More information on all the French provinces.
History of the montgolfiere.
History of the hot air balloon with illustrations and lots of links.

Coup de fil (Telephone Call)

  A French telephone booth.
Visit France Télécom, the French telephone company.
The French telephone card with a history and samples of the
wide variety of colorful cards.  (Delete rest......below.)
View some French telecartes which you need to make a phone call on any pay phone. (Click on catalogues; on the form put 1999 or 2000 and scroll down and click on the first CHERCHER. On the next page, some cards will show up, and you can enlarge them.)
Paris Yellow Pages

La Francophonie (The French-Speaking World)

Countries and flags of la Francophonie. Click on a flag and see information and map.

Links, Level 1 Part 1 Links, Level 1 Part 2 Links, General

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