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What They're Saying About Oh La La!

“I have been teaching for 28 years and the OH LÀ LÀ songs are the best addition to the curriculum at the Hume Fogg Magnet H.S. we have ever made. We offer 5 levels of French including AP. These are not ‘filler’ songs. They are written in a style and with music that the students love. Two seniors in my class are planning to use these CD’s as part of the prom dance music in April!

They have become a crucial part of our curriculum. I no longer have to explain what conjugation means. My students learn how to use common irregular and regular verbs long before the material is presented formally in courses.

Students leave my classroom singing. Students acquire many French expressions and much French vocabulary in a natural way without studying.

Students have continually asked for CD’s of their own. We have recently purchased CD’s for all my students and they are delighted. The day I handed them out, you would have thought it was Christmas and my students were 5 years old!

It’s great to know that they are going to be listening and singing along with these songs even outside of class.

Thank you, thank you, thank you and MERCI BEAUCOUP!”

—M. Murphree, Teacher, TN Levels 1 to 4AP

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“I have just listened to a CD that delivers 17 dynamic and varied tracks of contemporary songs; its purpose being to teach us the French language through song and singing along.

Voilà! Even I can speak French, I'm sure, with these "lessons" from Sonic Creations, LLC. The team of Fenton, Couch, and Irwin have produced a delightful CD that is both instructive and entertaining.

You'll be singing along in moments - if you can stop dancing. Superlatives for all: the lyrics and erudition of Sue Fenton, the melodies and excellent singing of C.C. Couch, the arrangements and sound production of Teddy Irwin! Sing your way to French. Highly recommended!”

  — BOB DOROUGH, Musical Director of ABC–TV's SchoolHouse Rock

“...I’ve learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed your tapes Level 1, Part 1 and Level 1, Part 2. I am not a teacher but recommend these tapes highly. I decided to learn French at 54. The tapes have helped me tremendously in that I can hear and practice in the privacy of my car using words and phrases comfortably, and also repeatedly singing the songs helps to be able to think in French rather than (translating) back to English.”

—Ann Gertz

“When I presented a session on using music in the classroom (to French teachers), Oh Là Là literally brought the house down. (The teachers) could not get enough examples from the delightful CD’s or the extremely comprehensive manual.”

— Eileen Angelini, PhD, Associate Professor of French, Philadelphia University

“My students love the songs...I love presenting grammar, culture, or vocabulary in a way that is both fun and enduring. The songs are so full of humor that even the most jaded will pay attention. Thank you for making my work easier.”

— B. Meador, Fordyce AR, Teacher

“...You are going to discover a superb album.”

— Jean-Claude Meurisse, French composer and recording artist

“...My second grade class is preparing a perform for the school and community. They love Oh Là Là!  and have chosen Le Soleil Sourit à tous.”

“I am seeking permission for my 8th grade students to sing "La Francophonie" in a National French Week concert and presentation I will be giving in Philadelphia... I will be telling the teachers how wonderful these CD's are.”

“Thank you so much for permission to make Oh Là Là part of my presentation at the (state) conference.”

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“Loved the first one. Need the second one.”

“Thanks for a great site.”

“My students enjoy the songs so much, and they have really helped them to remember.”

“Excellent ideas.” (about the Teacher’s Manual)

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