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Imagine your students listening to and singing French when it isn’t even homework!

“...Best addition to the curriculum...”

“I have been teaching for 28 years and the OH LÀ LÀ songs are the best addition to the curriculum at the Hume Fogg Magnet H.S. we have ever made. We offer 5 levels of French including AP. These are not ‘filler’ songs. They are written in a style and with music that the students love. Two seniors in my class are planning to use these CD’s as part of the prom dance music in April!

They have become a crucial part of our curriculum. I no longer have to explain what conjugation means. My students learn how to use common irregular and regular verbs long before the material is presented formally in courses.

Students leave my classroom singing. Students acquire many French expressions and much French vocabulary in a natural way without studying.

Students have continually asked for CD’s of their own. We have recently purchased CD’s for all my students and they are delighted. The day I handed them out, you would have thought it was Christmas and my students were 5 years old!

It’s great to know that they are going to be listening and singing along with these songs even outside of class.

Thank you, thank you, thank you and MERCI BEAUCOUP!”

—M. Murphree, Teacher, TN Levels 1 to 4AP


Reinforce French outside of class and keep the enthusiasm & momentum going.

ORDER CD’s for your students!

For less than the price of one regular pop CD, students can have BOTH CD’s, 2 hours of conversational French, and 27 contagious rockin’ songs dripping with French vocabulary & culture.

The more CD’s you order, the more your students save.

  • $10.95 for 10 and over
  • $10.50 for 20 and over
  • $9.95 for 30 and over
  • $8.50 for 40 and over
  • $8.95 for 50 and over
  • $7.95 for 60 and over
  • $7.50 for 80 and over
  • $6.95 for over 100

Music is the heart and soul of teenagers. It’s their identity. When students get hooked on music in the classroom, they should be able to “take it home” with them — and not just in their heads. When CD’s are used in language classrooms, traditionally the teacher has THE one copy. There is great value, however, in letting students also have their own copies of the CD’s.

  1. They can listen to them whenever they want to; not just in class.
  2. The material is continually reinforced and students learn more in a fun way.
  3. Songs are more cool and important to the students when they have the CD’s.
  4. Students are more enthusiastic & motivated which makes a teacher’s job easier.

The publishers of OH LÀ LÀ - Sing Your Way to French believe that students should be able to have their own CD’s to listen to at home. That is why they have made the series available at discounted prices that make it very affordable and easy for students to take the songs out of the classroom.

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