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Oh, La, La! - Sing Your Way to French
Each manual is ..."a GOLDMINE"
—Eileen Angelini, Philadelphia University, from a review in the AATF journal

Teachers! You just played a song for your students. You don't have a music degree. NOW WHAT?

FLASH!   Not 50, not 100, not 200, not 500, but over 1000 clever ideas and strategies for singing the songs and incorporating the material into activities to keep your students active, motivated, creative, culturally enriched and communicating in French!


They include:

1.  a page highlighting all the structures, vocabulary, and culture in the lyrics of each song as well as ideas for props, costumes, visuals and supplementary materials
2.  8 1/2 " x 11" sheets of lyrics for all 16 songs that you have you have permission to copy for your students


CHANTEZ!approaches for singing that are unique to each song
PARLEZ!communication situations and role plays for pairs of students based on song themes
PARTICIPEZ!individual, group and whole-class activities to review song vocabulary; games and competitions; listening exercises; group activities including brainstorming; communication, etc.
CRÉEZ!creative projects for students to do based on song themes and culture
CLAP, PRISE 1!performances and presentations that groups and individuals can make to the class for culminating activities. There are serious to wacky ideas for group renditions of songs, music videos, performances, skits, impersonations, theatrical scenes, T.V. shows, investigations, parodies, etc. on the song themes. NOTE: While the students perform, the audience gets a big dose of listening practice!
FÉLICITEZ et ENCOURAGEZ!clever ideas for certificates, gag gifts, recognitions, awards, prizes, and other tokens you can give your students to celebrate their progress and accomplishments ...all reflecting song themes!
ENRICHMENT VOCABULARY Additional lists of cognates and other words to give students more options in conversations and activities


Only $24.95 (a full 120 pages, spiral bound)

Sample Ideas from TEACHER'S MANUAL - LEVEL 1, PART 1:

  • Create a beach in Martinique in your classroom
  • Practice conjugations by hanging out laundry to dry
  • Simulate a day at Versailles Palace with cotton ball wigs and dance around a fountain the class creates
  • Design china for Napoleon
  • Use pairs of crazy socks to reinforce conjugations
  • Produce music videos
  • Impersonate generals, artists, dukes, countesses, hypnotists, stars, chefs, etc

Sample Ideas from TEACHER'S MANUAL - LEVEL 1, PART 2:

  • Simulate a ride on the Paris Métro or a hot air balloon ride over France
  • Simulate art and dance classes at an MJC
  • Do an impressionist painting
  • Create a supermarket in the classroom making labels for actual French products and putting them on jars and boxes
  • Visit French cities and provinces
  • Design fashions
  • Impersonate mountain climbers, French authors, tour guides, designers, archeologists, mayors, etc.

Written by Sue Fenton, M. Ed. French teacher (Levels 1, 2, 3, & 4 AP.) She is also the author of The Wit of Madame Fifi - over 500 Puns with a French Twist  (Visit her site at )

Her high school seniors take upper level French courses at Vanderbilt University.

During the first few days of orientation at Georgetown University in Washington, DC in August, one of her students was awarded the internship at the French Embassy. She will work on their magazine.

Her students are known for their fluency, and most enter college French at the junior level and wind up with double majors.

Sue is know for her energy, vision, drive, ability to motivate, and her ingenuity.

She believes that speaking is tantamount to language study, and that the ability to speak French is the best gift we can give our students.

Her students often place first in the state on the National French Exam and have ranked up to 4th nationally.

Sue spends most summers in Paris, and travels, visits friends, researches, and writes. She won a scholarship from the Délégation Générale de l'Alliance Française to study in Paris for a summer.


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